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#Nutanix, a former tech unicorn that says it can streamline computing operations with its all-in-one data center appliances, is adding #IBM to its list of hardware partners. The upcoming products, incorporating IBM Power Systems servers for business apps, will be Nutanix’s first systems that will not rely on Intel (INTC, -2.18%)-based servers. San Jose-based Nutanix (NTNX, -4.66%), which went public in September, helped pioneer a generation of data center hardware bundles that cram computing power, storage, and networking into one package—all managed by the company’s own software. The theory is these hardware bundles–described as ” #hyperconverged ” by techies—save space and energy while also speeding up operations. Bottom line: Corporate customers could now use a single, more efficient machine to do what many devices had done in the past. Get Data Sheet, Fortune’s technology newsletter. For non-techies, Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey explains these new data center products are like smartphones in that they have integrated a raft of once-separate devices into one attractive package. Just as today’s smartphones incorporate a phone, GPS, calendars, and a camera into one slick device, these new data center appliances put together server, networking, and storage hardware into one package all run by the same software. Related: Why #BigData Kills Businesses #Nutanix already offers a choice of #Intel -based servers from #Dell, #Supermicro, #Lenovo (LNVGY, -0.63%), and #Cisco (CSCO, -8.57%) as part of its overall package. #IBM ‘s Power Systems run a non-Intel Power chip that IBM says is well-suited for the advanced data crunching needs of #artificialintelligence and data analytics tasks.

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