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#Nimble Storage co-founder and Vice President of Engineering Varun Mehta Monday predicted that #Dell #EMC sales reps are going to face “intense pressure” to sell Dell servers rather than #Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) once Dell completes its $62 billion blockbuster acquisition of EMC. “There is going to be intense pressure there to sell up and down the Dell integrated stack,” said Mehta in an interview with CRN at the 2016 GreenPages Cloudscape Summit. “They want to sell an integrated stack. They would not have bought EMC to sell more Cisco. I do believe that is where they are going to be focused. I think that relationship with Cisco is going to be more and more at arm’s length as they go forward.” That anticipated fissure in the EMC-Cisco relationship will directly impact their #VCE converged infrastructure partnership, opening the door for an “opportunity” for Nimble to be tied into more Cisco UCS sales, said Mehta.

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