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Flash storage hotshot #Nimble has begun prioritizing its partnerships in the wake of mergers and acquisitions in the vendor space, and co-founder Varun Mehta said #Cisco is at the top of the company’s list. “We are thrilled with our Cisco #UCS partnership. As you know, Nimble has been a really, really fast-growing storage company. Our UCS business with Cisco is growing even faster than Nimble’s growth as a whole,” said Mehta, vice president of engineering at the San Jose, Calif.-based company. “We have a great relationship,” he added, and said the company sells a “vast array of systems” with Cisco at this time. With Dell closing in on its acquisition of EMC and VMware, Mehta said Nimble is prepared to pick between newly competing vendors. “We do believe that over time there is going to be further and further arm’s length relationship between Cisco and #Dell – EMC ( #DellTechnologies ) ,” Mehta said. “As that relationship starts breaking apart, that is an opportunity for Nimble that we would love to jump into and expand our footprint with Cisco probably at EMC’s expense,” he added. Mehta also praised solution provider GreenPages, which he called “one of our best partners.” “They have emerged to become a really strong seller of our products,” he said.

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