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The #NewSQL #database was almost hidden when @Hadoop and @NoSQL arose. Now, as more big data teams move toward production uses, #MemSQL, #CloudSpanner and similar products may get a second look.

It was something of a sleeper amid a rowdy group of new data management technologies, but #NewSQL is new again. NewSQL #databases put special emphasis on SQL transactions, with atomicity, consistency and other processing attributes. At the same time, they distribute data workloads in a new style pioneered by @Google, @Yahoo and others. As attention was poured on Hadoop and NoSQL in the early years of this decade, NewSQL database alternatives plugged away quietly. Fast forward to today, and the raucous NoSQL and Hadoop crew has taken on more and more SQL traits. For this and other reasons, NewSQL may be getting a second look in some quarters. As with the more ballyhooed Hadoop and NoSQL alternatives, global data distribution, real-time analytics and machine learning are the key drivers. Among the NewSQL players — each with a different technology twist — are @Clustrix Inc., @NuoDB Inc., @SpliceMachine and @VoltDB Inc. Each has been busy enhancing its NewSQL database. Clustrix recently increased its support for cluster resiliency. NuoDB improved its query optimizer. VoltDB expanded a program offering access to its enterprise version for development and testing. And @SpliceMachine launched its database platform on the @AmazonWebServices Marketplace.

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