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Graphene is an amazing material with an equally annoying set of constraints that make it extremely difficult to work with. One of the most significant problems we’ve had with adapting the material for commercial use is producing it. While a number of methods of graphene production have been demonstrated, none of them have lent themselves to the kind of massive scale that typifies the silicon industry’s ability to manufacture, well, silicon. In early 2016, the entire foundry industry was estimated to be capable of nearly 12 million wafer starts per month (in 200mm-equivalent wafers). @Graphene doesn’t have to scale all the way up to that level before entering production, but any widespread adoption of the material requires it to achieve its own economy of scale. New research from @Rice University and the @OakRidge National Laboratory may have moved us closer to that idea, with a new method of creating a large continuous roll of graphene.

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