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@Intel is launching a new brand for its eighth-generation Core processors to promote high-performance computers that one distributor says could help push PC channel sales. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company is calling the new brand an Intel Core platform extension that will promote the bundling of the i5, i7 and i9 processors with the performance-boosting #Optane memory module that Intel announced a little over a year ago. These processors that come with Optane memory bundled are receiving a modified naming convention: i5+, i7+ and i9+. Optane memory was previously only compatible with seventh-generation Kaby Lake CPUs. Intel’s brand update was among a handful of eighth-generation Core CPU announcements the company made on Tuesday. Beyond announcing that Optane memory now works with Coffee Lake processors, the company also revealed the first eighth-generation Core i5, i7 and i9 processors for laptops and a new set of 300-series motherboards. In addition, the company announced Coffee Lake processors for Intel’s vPro platform that provides PC remote management and other features for enterprises.

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