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A matter of weeks ago, the FAA issued a reminder to pilots that weaponizing drones is a bad idea and definitely against the law.

The statement seemed to be in response to an enterprising company in Ohio deciding that a flying flamethrower drone was both fun and practical.

In news that isn’t totally unrelated, University of Michigan engineers have published a paper and video footage of an autonomous drone designed for roofing. Essentially, the solution combines a nail gun with a DJI S1000 octocopter.  The drone can tack shingles onto a roof and provides an exciting glimpse into the future of construction.

The flamethrower drone from Ohio had practical applications but the marketing gave the impression that it could also be used for, er… recreational purposes. Even though this experimental, autonomous roofing drone seems to fit the FAA’s criteria for a ‘weaponized drone’, the practical applications appear much more genuine.

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