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@sdxcentral @Jessica Lyons Hardcastle #Multicloud orchestrator @Morpheus Data added integrations with @Alibaba Cloud, as well as network automation and software-defined networking ( #SDN) support for @Cisco #ACI to its platform. The company already provided this level of integration with Cisco #UCS for composing bare metal servers.
The platform’s latest updates also include new support for @Amazon Web Services ( #AWS) #GovCloud, and @Openstack and @Microsoft #HyperV networking improvements including multi-network, static IP, and IP pool support.
Adding @Alibaba Cloud support came in response to a request from Chinese service provider customer Beijing Internet Harbor, said Brad Parks, VP of marketing and business development at Morpheus. And, he added, “we’ve seen Alibaba pop up in India, the U.S., as well, especially among global companies” as the cloud provider expands its reach beyond China.
Meanwhile Morpheus, which spun out of San Mateo, California-based private equity firm Bertram Capital in 2014, has been expanding its reach with marquee customers including McDonald’s, BlackRock, HSBC, Spireon, AstraZeneca, Arris, and Quicken Loans.
“Morpheus got its start as a tool designed and built by DevOps guys to get their jobs done,” Parks said. “They looked at Cloud Foundry, some of the VMware suite, other automation tools and didn’t find what they needed. And now we are helping large enterprises enable self-service deployment of application stacks across any physical infrastructure they may have on premises, or a multitude of public clouds.”

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