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Analysis: We have more HPE Alletra‘s features and performance details, after analysing a postby Dimitris Krekoukias. The Nimble exec provided a more informed comparison with the competition, Primera arrays, and a view of the 9000’s branding.

The new Alletra 9000 details we now have are:

  • Active Peer Persistence allow “a LUN to be simultaneously read from and written to from two sites synchronously replicating”;
  • Multiple parallelised ASICs per controller help out the CPUs with various aspects of I/O handling for the all-NVMe SSDs;
  • Vast majority of I/O happens well within 250 microsecond latency;
  • Array OS determines what workloads to auto-prioritise

Alletra 9000 and competing arrays

Krekoukias charts the 9000 (and 6000) on a SAP HANA Nodes supported basis, against competing arrays from Hitachi (VSP), Dell EMC (PowerMax), IBM (DS8950, FlashSystem 9200), Pure Storage (FlashArray//X90), and NetApp (AFF A800).

Krekoukias makes much of the 9000’s ability to deliver this performance from its single 4U enclosure. He believes it “makes it the most performance-dense full-feature Tier 0 system in the world (by far).”

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