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#ComtradeSoftware has introduced management packs for #Nutanix that allow owners of the #hyperconverged kit to manage it with #MicrosoftSystemCenterOperationsManager ( #SCOM ). We last covered Comtrade when Citrix liked its SCOM management packs so much that it decided to acquire them. Comtrade clearly felt it was onto something with the idea of pouring third-party data into SCOM, looked around at the hyperconverged infrastructure market and decided Nutanix was the clear leader. It also decided that even ardent Nutanix users may not want to run multiple management consoles, or mange hyperconverged boxen in isolation. The company therefore developed a new “SuperPack” that massages Nutanix’s APIs to draw out operational performance data and display it in SCOM alongside information on the performance of workloads running on hyper-boxen. For now the software lets you monitor Nutanix performance, plus the performance of Nutanix Storage Pool or Cluster hosting #CitrixVDI. Over the next few months Comtrade will add the ability to monitor #SQLServer or #Exchange running on Nutanix. The SuperPack is hypervisor-agnostic: you can run workloads in #Hyper-V or #vSphere and Comtrade will be able to extract performance data. There may well be more to come, as Comtrade president Simon Taylor tells El Reg “We want to be the one-stop shop for Nutanix monitoring.” Which is great news for Nutanix, as when independent software vendors say things like that it shows you’ve got enough traction that others think there’s a dollar to be had building an ecosystem. ®

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