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#Microsoft released the open source Windows version of its Chakra JavaScript engine, called #ChakraCore, in January 2016. The company uses the engine in the Edge browser and the company’s Universal Windows Platform. As Microsoft promised earlier, the company is also supporting the #Linux and macOS platforms as well with its Chakra engine. As the name implies, “ChakraCore” is the core component of Microsoft’s Chakra #JavaScript engine, which supports Just-in-time (JIT) compilation (only with Windows for now), garbage collection and many of the latest JavaScript features. JIT compilations, as well as concurrent and partial garbage collection features, are still a work in progress for Linux and macOS. Microsoft discovered several issues with Windows dependencies for various APIs when trying to port ChakraCore to Linux and macOS, but the company refactored the APIs. At the same time, it maintained backwards compatibility for apps that use the old APIs.,32359.html

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