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The rise of private clouds may offer #Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) an advantage in the race to dominate the cloud computing industry since its #AzureStack product is targeted for this market. Microsoft’s roots as a traditional software vendor, that sold software licenses to companies that hosted applications in their own data centers, may prove to be a huge advantage in its quest to dominate the cloud. Its sales teams have been at all of the largest companies in the world for a very long time and may have a good knowledge of the products they have used and the ways to position Azure Stack before the right people to foster adoption. Since Azure Stack forms the basis for creating a seamless hybrid cloud experience, it may give many customers the flexibility to move application workloads between Microsoft’s own public cloud based on Azure and the private cloud owned by the customers based on Azure Stack. In the end, Azure Stack gives Microsoft the ability and flexibility to expand its total addressable market (TAM).

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