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#CLOUDWARS — Leveraging the booming corporate trend toward digital transformation, @Microsoft is driving additional #cloud revenue for #Azure and Dynamics 365 by giving Microsoft salespeople big financial rewards for sharing leads with partners and enabling corporate customers to resell Azure IP they’ve developed in-house. While Microsoft has always relied heavily on partners—for calendar 2017, about 95% of its total revenue of approximately $100 billion came through partners. And to ensure that Microsoft Cloud products and services live up to that standard, the company’s new “co-sell” program is designed to push Azure and Dynamics 365 more deeply into the world’s largest corporations through a combination of financial incentives, market-boosting events, and enhanced visibility for unique solutions created by ISVs, service providers, systems integrators, resellers and even corporate customers. Microsoft corporate vice-president Gavriella Schuster, who leads the company’s One Commercial Partner business, said in a phone interview late last week that soaring desire among corporations to undertake or complete digital transformations of their end-to-end operations has created a unique opportunity for Microsoft and its partners “to engage with customers in new and compelling ways.” Schuster said the sweeping transformation of Microsoft’s global sales organization represents a “huge change” for not only the sales team but also the entire company because the changes—a continuation of CEO Satya Nadella’s vision for “one Microsoft”—would generate entirely new ways for it to engage with its largest global customers as well as with the partners who service those accounts.

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