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The rapidly advancing area of #artificialintelligence will require a new field of law and new regulations governing a growing pool of businesses involved, according to @Microsoft Corp., a 25-year participant in #AI research. Companies making and selling AI software will need to be held responsible for potential harm caused by “unreasonable practices” – if a self-driving car program is set up in an unsafe manner that causes injury or death, for example, Microsoft said. And as AI and automation boost the number of laborers in the gig-economy or on-demand jobs, Microsoft said technology companies need to take responsibility and advocate for protections and benefits for workers, rather than passing the buck by claiming to be “just the technology platform’’ enabling all this change.  More from Bitcoin Storms Back From Dip Below $10,000 in White-Knuckle Ride Microsoft broaches these ideas in a 149-page book entitled “The Future Computed,” which will also be the subject of a panel at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, next week. As Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft seeks to be a leader in AI and automating work tasks, it’s also trying to get out in front of the challenges expected to arise from promising new technologies, such as job losses and everyday citizens who may be hurt or disadvantaged by malfunctioning or biased algorithms. “We are trying to be clear-eyed in talking about the challenges,” said Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith, who will sit on the Davos panel and co-wrote the introduction to the book. More from Did Bitcoin Just Burst? How It Compares to History’s Big Bubbles Microsoft is working on some of these areas through groups such as the Partnership on AI, which includes rivals like Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Apple Inc. and Facebook Inc. Still, the call for more regulation in an emerging area like AI is unusual for technology companies, said Ryan Calo, a professor at the University of Washington School of Law, who has read the book.

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