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At NeurIPS this week in Vancouver, Canada more than 1,400 pieces of AI research are being examined for their novel approaches or breakthroughs — but one of these papers is unlike all the rest.

#Microsoft Research’s #LinXiao was named winner of the #TestofTime award this week, a title granted to #AI research that’s made important and lasting contributions to the AI field over the last 10 years.

A specially made committee is convened to look back at papers published at NeurIPS 10 years ago and narrows the list down to 18 papers that have had a lasting influence on machine learning, measured in part by which papers garnered the most citations in the past decade. To date, Xiao’s paper has been cited more than 600 times by other researchers.

NeurIPS organizers announced Xiao’s work as the winner Sunday, and he detailed the results and progress made since then in a conference hall with 1,000 of the conference’s 13,000 attendees.

“Ten years ago the conference was much smaller, but I felt it was just as exciting as a relatively young researcher,” Xiao said onstage today. “Several of the very exciting topics at that time clashed together to create the motivation for his work.”

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