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Artificial intelligence is improving at an exponential rate, and the recent display included it taking a band of professional poker players while playing a round of Texas hold-em. However, is there a possibility that these AI-powered systems could become generalized enough to outperform human beings in general tasks? Open AI is an organization that is working on Artificial General Intelligence, making sure that such a future comes bearing good gifts for humans. It has managed to get into a partnership with Microsoft that will be developing advanced supercomputers to help Open AI do the job.

In order to create AI to excel in these areas, computer scientists have to clock in a high number of hours for making sure that it is ready for a particular job. Artificial General Intelligence would be capable of learning and excelling in any sort of discipline on its own and would be able to achieve levels that are incomprehensible to humans. The thought is unsettling, and many have pointed out the obvious dangers of the artificial general intelligence; once evolved, it would treat us like a house cat or someone who can be wiped out of existence.

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