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CLOUD WARS — @Microsoft has a good chance of becoming the first tech vendor to reach $7 billion in quarterly commercial-cloud revenue when it releases earnings on July 19 while @Amazon could very well hit $6 billion in #AWS revenue when its numbers come out later in the month. With the enterprise-cloud market surging, let me put a little context around the magnitude of Microsoft’s likely achievement: if Microsoft is able to match the commercial-cloud growth rates it’s generated for the past four quarters of at least 56%, just that quarterly figure of $7 billion would make Microsoft’s enterprise cloud business one of the largest in the world—bigger than every other cloud vendor except Amazon, IBM and Amazon, like Microsoft, has also pulled off the stunning achievement of having the growth rate of its cloud business continue to rise even as that cloud business gets significantly larger. Last quarter, Amazon’s cloud revenue jumped 49% to $5.44 billion from the year-earlier’s $3.66 billion—a remarkable accomplishment. A year ago, Amazon reported Q2 cloud revenue of $4.1 billion. If Amazon can sustain the whopping 49% growth rate for AWS that it generated in Q1, then its current Q2 revenue will come in between $6.0 billion and $6.1 billion.

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