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#Microsoft and #IBM have formed a new partnership to develop new business applications for the #MicrosoftSurface tablets and Surface Book laptops aimed at IBM’s roster of large enterprise customers. If it sounds a lot like the landmark partnership that #Apple and IBM signed back in 2014 to bring custom #iPhone and iPad apps to businesses, that’s because the two deals are very similar. The general idea is to bring businesses the new-generation apps and gadgets they need to get work done in the 21st century. For Microsoft, this is a crucial victory: IBM has pre-existing relationships with many of the world’s largest businesses. The fact that those customers want Surface in the first place is a good sign for Microsoft’s hardware business, and a double-win besides in its mission to get the Windows 10 operating system everywhere. Late last year, Microsoft signed a Surface resale deal with #Dell, setting the tone. Plus, Microsoft and IBM have a relationship that goes way back, working together for the last 20-some-odd years on business solutions.

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