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Some of Microsoft’s recently published patents include an automated quick task system for Cortana, an AI device with a fisheye camera, and a story-creation system with auto-generated content. Yesterday, we also reported on a rather out-of-the-box idea coming from the tech giant – a liquid-powered hinge for foldable devices.

Now, Microsoft has been granted a patent for a 4D tracking system that utilizes depth sensing from 3D cameras. It then uses advanced deep learning models to implement 4D dynamic solid modeling systems that help in identifying real-time actions in cluttered environments more accurately.

Microsoft believes the added dimension of time to be a key factor in this whole process. As can be ascertained from the aforementioned description, the motivation behind this idea is improving object- and action-recognition in large-scale, crowded areas – an office space, for example, like the one pictured above

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