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Last month, in a keynote at the #Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), Microsoft demonstrated on stage how Japan Airlines is using #HoloLens to improve the technician training experience, bringing jet engines to life in 3D, hologram-based augmented reality. Neat stuff.

But a week after WPC, Microsoftannounced that it and #Boeing are partnering around #Azure and data. I wanted to know more about that. Given that commercial airplanes are described by some as “flying data centers” and considering the number of inefficiencies that exist in commercial air travel today (just ask anyone who flies more than once a year), the potential for analytics in commercial aviation seems immense, and so do the potential benefits.

Talking to both companies
I asked Microsoft if I could learn more and the company was kind enough to set me up to speak with Andrew Gendreau, the director of advanced information solutions in Boeing’s Digital Aviation division, and Greg Jones, Microsoft’s global industry director for travel & hospitality.

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