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#CLOUDWARS — With the three largest enterprise-cloud providers— @Microsoft, @Amazon and @IBM—all closing in on $20 billion in trailing-12-month revenue, it’s sometimes difficult to bear in mind that we are only in the very early days and opening skirmishes of the Cloud Wars. One of Microsoft ‘s top #Azure execs described it to me the other day this way: if you think of the enterprise cloud market as a bell curve, with the early adopters making up most of the flattish part on the lower left out in front of the big fat part in the middle that will follow, we are only just beginning to move into that big middle part! While many factors are driving that enormous growth, the visionary and bold moves by the three biggest enterprise-cloud vendors noted above—in AI, in blockchain, in analytics, in edge computing, in hybrid computing, in developer tools and integration services and machine learning and more—are having a disproportionately large impact on business customers’ acceptance of and eagerness for the cloud. So let’s take a look at where Microsoft, Amazon and IBM stand here in early April as each prepares to release and discuss Q1 results later this month: IBM on April 17, and Microsoft and Amazon on April 26

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