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@Microsoft Cognitive Services is home to the company’s hosted artificial intelligence algorithms. Today, the company announced advances to several Cognitive Services tools including Microsoft Custom Vision Service, the #FaceAPI and #Bing Entity Search. @Joseph Sirosh, who leads the Microsoft’s cloud AI efforts, defined Microsoft Cognitive Services in a company blog post announcing the enhancements, as “a collection of cloud-hosted APIs that let developers easily add #AI capabilities for vision, speech, language, knowledge and search into applications, across devices and platforms such as #iOS, #Android and Windows.” These are distinct from other #Azure AI services, which are designed for developers who are more hands-on, DIY types. The idea is to put these kinds of advanced artificial intelligence tools within reach of data scientists, developers and any other interested parties without any of the normal heavy lifting required to build models and get results with the myriad of testing phases that are typically involved in these types of exercises.

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