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#InfiniBand and Ethernet adaptor biz #Mellanox has storage acceleration SoCs coming to provide faster external array access across NVMe fabrics. Mellanox CEO @EyalWaldman talked about NVME over Fabrics ( #NVMeF ) in his company’s second quarter 2016 earnings call. His company makes InfiniBand and Ethernet networking devices, and is doing very well with a fifth consecutive record quarter’s revenues. NVMeF is a way of connecting an array of external NVMe flash drives to accessing servers over a network link that is so fast array data access are the same as ones to local, directly connected NVMe flash drives. Vendors like #EMC with DSSD and Mangstor have product available now. E8 will launch at next month’s Flash Memory Summit. Kaminario and #Tegile have plans to adopt the technology, and both NetApp and Pure Storage are keeping a close eye on it. During the call Waldman said: “Integration efforts between #EZchip and Mellanox have been ongoing since the acquisition closed in late February. During the second quarter, we announced the first joint product, our multi-core system-on-a-chip solution named BlueField. BlueField combines multiple ARM cores interconnected by a coherent mesh network with the leading ConnectX-5 network adapter. Initial target markets include storage and network applications.” In storage the multi-ARM core BlueField system-on-a-chip (SOC) could act as a controller for a group of NVMe flash drives, with access over 25/50/100 Gbit/sec Ethernet. Waldman then said; “Utilising offload accelerators within the embedded ConnectX-5 adapter, BlueField delivers a programmable intelligent network solution. Within storage markets, BlueField can be utilized in scale-out NVMe over fabric systems as storage controller.”

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