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Today, at @HadoopSummit in San Jose, CA, #MapR announced its new #SpyGlass initiative, designed to help customers have greater administrator productivity and more sophisticated cluster management. The first installment in this initiative is an operations monitoring solution – in effect a full blown log analytics platform – that stiches together #ElasticSearch, #OpenTSDB, #MapR-DB, #Kibana and #Grafana to provide cluster operations dashboards, on both PC/laptop and mobile form factors (including phone and tablet).

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The dashboards contain information on node infrastructure, #YARN, #MapReduce, storage/CPU utilization as well as data for each of several services running on the cluster. In providing this functionality, the package ends up being MapR’s answer to Cloudera Manager andApache Ambari, as much as it is a machine analytics engine for the cluster.

The package, which is slated for release in early August, is customizable, allowing individual components to be swapped out for other visualization products on which the customer may be standardized. Alerting features are coming in the future and while the package is currently focused on log analytics for MapR clusters themselves, my take is that broadening of the platform to a more general log analytics solution is a possibility as well.

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