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HPE and Intel are co-sponsoring the AI Summit NY 2020, on December 9-10. This is one of the leading AI events of the year, with multiple technology leaders attending and presenting.

As part of the sponsorship, HPE and Intel will be presenting these virtual sessions:

•HPE Ezmeral session:
Getting Serious about AI: Driving Business Value at Industrial Scale
Speaker: Doug Cackett, EMEA Field CTO, HPE

•HPE-Intel AI solutions for FSI:
Accelerate and grow your competitive advantage with AI and HPC
Speakers: Manoj Suvarna (HPE), Parviz Peiravi (Intel)

•HPE-Intel AI solutions for Healthcare:
AI-powered healthcare: enhance patient experience, diagnostics and accelerate drug discovery
Speakers: Manoj Suvarna (HPE), Michael McManus (Intel)
This event and the HPE-Intel sessions will help your customer better understand how AI can provide a solution to their challenges, opportunities and problems, particularly in the FSI and Healthcare verticals.

email: for a pass.

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