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Engineer at #Lenovo presents: Lenovo #HPC Strategy Update. “High performance computing is converging more and more with the big data topic and related infrastructure requirements in the field. Lenovo is investing in developing systems designed to resolve todays and future problems in a more efficient way and respond to the demands of Industrial and research application landscape

Improving risk analytics, shortening product development cycles, and simulating the behavior of materials at nanoscale have something in common—the need to model, forecast, and analyze complex relationships. All place enormous demands on your data and compute infrastructure.

Meet these demands and realize faster time to value, improve critical decision making, fuel innovation, and accelerate results with powerful Lenovo high-performance computing systems, storage, software, networking, and pre-integrated solutions for compute-intensive and big data applications.

Luigi Brochard holds a PhD in mathematics and is Executive Director for High Performance Computing at Lenovo. During his career at IBM he was WW Architect for IBM Deep Computing and HPC Technical Director for x86 server systems. He was nominated to Distinguished Engineer for his technical leadership and achievements in x86 systems architecture.

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