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Can you imagine a 512GB memory stick? @Intel’s #ApachePass DIMMs make that a reality in @Lenovo’s new Think System #SD650 servers, which are the first servers to support the new devices. These new DIMMs will feature #3DXPoint memory addressed as normal system memory in a RAM slot, but they aren’t on the market yet. The new DIMMs require specialized accommodations, but Lenovo said the SD650 will support them when the Cascade Lake Xeons, which will be drop-in compatible with the server, come to market next year. RAM is one of the most important components in a system, be it a desktop PC or a server, but the relationship between capacity and cost has long been a serious drawback. For instance, the densest memory sticks come with hefty price premiums. The largest single DDR4 stick you can buy is 128GB and carries an eye-watering $4,000 price tag. You can reach the same level of capacity for much less money if you spread it across multiple DIMMs, so that type of density isn’t attractive from a cost standpoint.,36573.html

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