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#Amazon announced the release of #Elastic #MapReduce (EMR) 5.0.0 today, which includes, among other things, support for 16 open source #Hadoop projects. As #AWS continues to hone its various tools to help customers manage myriad enterprise functions in the cloud, this latest one is aimed at data scientists and other interested parties looking to manage big data projects with Hadoop. For those of you unfamiliar with Hadoop, “[It’s] fundamentally infrastructure software for storing and processing large data sets,” according to Mike Gualtieri, a Forrester analyst who covers this space. It’s different from conventional data processing software in that it distributes both the storage and processing over a set of nodes (which can scale to the thousands), providing a much more efficient system for processing large amounts of data. What’s more, it’s a tremendously popular open source Apache project (with a really cute mascot) and a massive ecosystem around it, which is continually adding projects to help fill in holes and requirements.

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