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Efforts towards realising a practical #quantumcomputer have been given a huge boost after a team of researchers made successful advances in qubit miniaturisation. #Qubits or quantum bits are the basic building blocks behind quantum computing and hold the capacity to process enormous computational tasks in real-time. However, working out how to miniaturise the technology remains a huge obstacle to quantum computer development. One approach to the challenge involves trapped ions, but this requires large and complicated hardware components. Now, researchers at MIT are developing a prototype chip which is able to trap ions in an electric field and control them using targeted laser technology. ‘If you look at the traditional assembly, it’s a barrel that has a vacuum inside it, and inside that is this cage that’s trapping the ions. Then there’s basically an entire laboratory of external optics that are guiding the laser beams to the assembly of ions,’ said MIT professor of electrical engineering, Rajeev Ram.

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