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#Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud ( #EC2 ), one of #AWS ‘ oldest services and a bedrock of the platform, has seen a steady expansion of instance options for cloud customers since first introduced in 2009. And that pace has quickened as the cloud giant tries to fill gaps in its lineup. In the past 12 months, AWS has added nearly 30 new EC2 instance types — a third of its total EC2 portfolio. Most of those VMs are slight tweaks to the amount of compute, storage, networking or memory within existing EC2 instance types, but they all follow a similar pattern — they’re getting bigger. “The larger you can allocate a virtual device, the more enterprise apps you can capture, because a lot of these advanced applications end up on higher-end proprietary compute because they need it,” said Jeff Kato, an analyst with the Taneja Group in Hopkinton, Mass.

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