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#EMC Corporation (EMC): The stock had negative money flow to the tune of ($43.18 million) on Tuesday, which shows that the traders are selling the stock on the price strength. The inflow of money on upticks was $87.95 million, whereas, the outflow of money on downticks was $131.13 million and the ratio between the two was 0.67. The block trade had a negative net money flow of ($45.62 million). The total block trade value undertaken on upticks was $60.8 million. On the other hand, downticks amounted to $106.42 million of the traded value, which shows distribution in the stock by traders. The ratio between uptick and downtick was 0.57. EMC Corporation (EMC) closed with marginal gains of 18 cents to end the day at $27.35, an increase of 0.66% over the previous days close. The stock recorded 0.22% for the week.

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