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@Kentik, the network traffic intelligence company, today announced the release of significant enhancements to #KentikDetect, its big data network analytics solution. New features include multi-dimensional traffic analytics, enabling access to billions of possible analyses operating on trillions of instantly accessible data records, new traffic flow visualizations, and support for network performance metrics.

“Kentik is the first network traffic analytics solution built from the ground up on a big data platform, offered both as a multi-tenant SaaS as well as an on-premises deployment,” said Avi Freedman, Kentik CEO. “Our latest enhancements illustrate the power of the Kentik platform to deliver analytics capabilities previously unavailable to anyone but webscale giants. In 15 minutes, customers can get from registration to production use of big data analysis that goes beyond Map/Reduce and streaming analytics-based approaches, with no appliances or software deployment required.”

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