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#VDI costs are holding back adoption, and #VMware ‘s reputation is it’s even more expensive than some of its competition, according to IT pros and industry experts. They are looking to hear more about affordability at VMware’s annual user conference, which takes place next week in Las Vegas.

“It’s tough to talk to customers about VMware in terms of pricing,” said Doug Grosfield, president and CEO of Five Nines IT Solutions, an IT consultancy in Kitchener, Ont. Grosfield’s former company, Xylotek Solutions, partnered with VMware.

“Their products are typically priced above what some of their competitors are,” he said. “I’d like to hear more about becoming more affordable.”

Technical advancements in VDI, on their own, are not as compelling anymore, especially for smaller businesses that can’t afford to pay big, Grosfield said. VDI vendors, including VMware, need to please businesses of all sizes, but they are missing out on a piece of the market by not appeasing SMBs.

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