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Collaborations with @HP, @Lenovo, @Dell, and @Microsoft, will bring the @Intel XMM 8000 line of #5G multimode modems to consumers and businesses alike. While some wireless carriers are rolling out early stages of 5G networks later this year, Intel’s goal is to have these new devices ready for the holiday season in 2019. Intel also expects to show off its PC modems that support eSIM technology at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It will be interesting to see how the competition between Intel and Qualcomm will push forward the new Always Connected PC category. 11ax, the next big thing in Wi-Fi. On Intel’s end, the goal is to enable super fast downloads on the move, high-quality video streaming and even better multiplayer gaming while out and about with seamless connections for users that travel between WiFi and cellular networks. 5G is not just another generation of wireless connectivity, it promises new opportunities for technology innovation across the computing and connectivity landscape from the cloud to the network and the client. The Xeon D-2100 extends the industry-leading capabilities of the Intel Xeon Scalable platform with power-efficient performance to meet the intensive compute, network and storage workloads demanded by 5G at the network edge. Intel will also show off 802.11ax on a thin PC at its booth at MWC. eSIM functionality, which is present in all its modems for PCs, will also be demonstrated. Considering the expected arrival date of Intel’s 5G modems, however, that future remains a ways off. Intel made 5G data available to devices in PyeongChang, providing live, field-tested service at various sites in and around the Olympic Village that ran at gigabit speeds. This builds on our announcement last month with Deutsche Telecom and Huawei that we conducted the world’s first successful test showcasing 5G interoperability and development testing (IODT) based on the Release 15 NSA 5G NR specification. Intel is fighting @Qualcomm and @Samsung in this market so this partnership is pretty important for them. The future of 5G is almost upon us.

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