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#Intel is snapping up deep learning startup #Nervana Systems in a huge bet that #artificialintelligence represents the next big shift inside corporate data centers. The chip giant isn’t actually saying how much it is paying, but a source with knowledge of the deal said it is valued at around $408 million. That’s some serious cheddar for a 48-person startup. Intel vice president Jason Waxman told Recode that the shift to artificial intelligence could dwarf the move to cloud computing. Machine learning, he said, is needed as we move from a world in which people control a couple of devices that connect to the Internet to one in which billions of devices are connecting and talking to one another.–350-million?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWmpZd00yRTRNR0V3T1dNNSIsInQiOiIzbkpXT2dGbnkzQXdVWWlvXC9XMGcxaHdmajlySGo5UkhrZE9tUlQyME83UENmbGt4Q0NTaVwvbUJBZExDa2o0aTNKWkZjOHNnSERWa3hQN0swZXg0YjM5TmQ4azN6d0ZNd1A5UFBGM0FFY05zPSJ9

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