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#Intel announced late Monday that it is buying #Movidius, a small chipmaker that makes computer vision processors used in drones and virtual reality devices, among other products. @Recode highlighted Movidius in March, noting that the little-known company had built a lead in chips that were taking on increasing importance in a range of up-and-coming devices. The eight-year-old company has grown to about 180 employees, and has landed deals with #Lenovo, #DJI and #Google. Its latest chip, the Myriad 2, can make sense of multiple video streams at once, all in a processor the size of a fingernail. Intel, meanwhile, has been on something of a shopping spree as it looks to make sure that it doesn’t miss another wave of technology. Last month, Intel agreed to fork over more than $400 million for #Nervana Systems, a machine-learning startup.

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