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Every year, CRN recognizes the most groundbreaking products and services in the IT channel. Editors review hundreds of products and solutions from a broad range of IT vendors, assessing each for uniqueness, key capabilities, technological competency and how well the solution addresses customer needs. This year, CRN has recognized HPE Storage products and services, honoring us with three 2021 Tech Innovator awards in two categories:

These three awards spotlight our latest solutions and validate HPE’s new unified data experience, which collapses silos across people, process, and technology to unleash data, agility, and innovation for organizations.

1.     Power data from edge-to-cloud with HPE Alletra

HPE Alletra is a breakthrough portfolio of cloud-native data infrastructure solutions designed to power all your data from edge to cloud. It delivers a common experience across clouds — as a service and with limitless scale — through cloud-native management of your entire environment from a single, SaaS-based console.

HPE Alletra delivers workload-optimized systems with the architectural flexibility to run any application without compromise. Customers enjoy predictable high performance and non-disruptive scale, all backed by 99.9999%+ guaranteed availability for your business-critical and mission-critical workloads.

2.     Zerto delivers rapid recovery and ransomware protection

When it comes to data protection, yesterday’s one-size-fits-all approaches won’t protect data in the current threat landscape — and won’t power your IT modernization journey. Businesses today need a robust disaster recovery and ransomware protection solution that supports business objectives with an effortless, efficient, as-a-service approach to data protection.

HPE GreenLake for data protection offers end-to-end data protection to safeguard data and improve business resilience. With HPE’s acquisition of Zerto, we add market-leading data protection to our cloud services portfolio to help enterprises meet cyberthreats and ransomware attacks head-on. Zerto’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology provides recovery in minutes – and to a state just seconds before an attack.

3.     HPE CloudPhysics enables smarter IT decisions from edge to cloud

Digital transformation clearly accelerates business and speeds time to innovation. But in spite of its potential benefits, many IT organizations resist opening the “Pandora’s box” of infrastructure purchasing, especially in hybrid cloud environments with myriad dependencies. Every purchase forces decision-makers to confront several difficult questions: What’s the right infrastructure configuration to meet SLAs? Where should we modernize – on-premises or in the cloud? How do I demonstrate ROI?

HPE CloudPhysics puts an end to the guesswork and transforms the IT purchasing experience. HPE CloudPhysics delivers the customized analytics and cost calculators you need to plan and design your hybrid cloud architecture and migration strategy. With the data-driven analytics of HPE CloudPhysics, partners and customers can leverage real-world data to help accelerate their IT goals in the most transparent, efficient, and cost-effective manner, while also reducing complexity and guesswork along the way.

The cloud operational experience addresses customer needs head-on 

Game-changing HPE products and services enable businesses to streamline infrastructure, simplify data management, modernize data protection, and act on insights from edge to cloud. It’s gratifying to receive recognition from CRN again this year, and to know partners and customers are as excited as I am about these innovations.

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