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16 October 2016 saw #Dell and #EMC merge to become one entity, forming #DellTechnologies, the umbrella group that owns the legacy Dell organisation, the #EMC organisation, as well as #Virtustream, #Pivotal, #RSA, #Secureworks, #VMware – all of which now fall under the Dell Technologies umbrella. “We’re a big company with a big presence, and with that comes all sorts of fantastic stuff.” That’s the word according to Dell NZ general manager, James Arnold, speaking at the #IngramMicro Showcase 2016 event in Auckland today. Arnold says Dell EMC is the world’s largest privately controlled technology company in terms of numbers, pulling in $76 billion in revenue, with 140,000 staff operating in 180 countries. But how is Dell made up? What does the company actually look like? Dell Technologies is the over-arching organisation, and has one employee in the name of Michael Dell – Dell’s founder and CEO. The rest of the staff group work in different parts of the organisation, made up of three parts: The Clients Solutions Group, which takes care of PCs, software and peripherals, and virtual desktop infrastructure devices, otherwise known as the legacy Dell company. The Infrastructure Solutions Group, the Dell EMC brand, covers storage, servers and networking, cloud solutions, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Virtustream), security (RSA) and content management (ECD). The third arm is Dell EMC Services, covering consulting solutions, support and deployment, and education. On top of that, Dell Technologies has aligned itself with Pivotal, SecureWorks and VMware. So what makes them different? “We’re a technology leader and innovator – we have agility with scale, we’re customer obsessed and we think big,” Arnold says. Arnold says technology is at the core of the business. They have spent $12.7 billion on R&D over the last three years, and have 20,000 patents and patent applications. “We are a unique family of businesses – that is strategically aligned businesses that work better together,” he explains. “We are the world’s largest privately controlled technology company – that means we are not subject to the same pressures and problems that a public entity has – which is to meet share holder requirements,” says Arnold. “Our 100% focus is on customers and partners – we don’t have to worry about shareholders, or quarterly reports to Wall Street or any of that stuff.” And because of that, they have agility with scale, Arnold says. “We are a very big organisation but because we are private we have agility. Because the structure of our organisation has allowed us to maintain agility,” he says


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