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By this point, It’s an old but true representation of personal and work life today. Were living in the information age. In today’s world, big data is key. Large and small corporations and organisations alike are capitalizing off of the collection of this data and weaponizing it in the form of targeted adds and other similar trends.

Thanks to the betterment of applications, mobile device technologies, Wi-Fi and cellular networks, the consumption, analytics and aggregation of this collected data make it easier to run targeted ads and communications geared towards your psychological makeup. Its maddening how much data is being created and in turn how much were consuming in a hamster wheel like environment on a daily basis.


Consultants in all fields are not immune to these trends We’re constantly being inundated with information.  In turn, its easy to inundate our clients the same way. Sometimes to our own detriment. It is said that 460+ exabytes of data will be generated by 2025.  By the end of 2020 alone, 40+ Zettabytes will make op the whole of our digital cosmos and everyday 300 BILLION emails are sent. Learn to filter, absorb, and discard what’s useful to you, your family and your clients. I assure you, you wont be mad about it.

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