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inRead invented by Teads In every corner, we find opportunity, laced with new and often unknown challenges. One of these obstacles surfaced in a conversation with Evan Kaplan, the Chief Executive Officer of @InfluxData, and Tim Hall the company’s vice president of Products. The rapid rise of #IoT means companies are sensor-enabling vast swaths of equipment. These newly #connecteddevices are producing enormous volumes of time series data, which are data measured over time. Examples of time series data are the measurements you’d get from temperature sensor and accelerometers. While there are many questions in IoT, companies must devise IT strategies that define how to collect, store, visualize and process time-series data. We could use the various Hadoop outgrowths to do this, but is that the best method for this type of data? Kaplan and InfluxData team believe companies should consider using a method for time series data. The company has developed a four-product platform that it calls the “TICK” stack, named for the four software components that collect, store, visualize, and process time-series data. In October 2017, DB-Engines, which ranks the popularity of data-management technologies, listed InfluxData as a leader in the time series data management category. The same company also noted that the time series data category is the fastest growing in popularity over the past 12 months. However, this portion of the market is still a tiny percentage of the overall database management market.

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