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WELLESLEY HILLS, MA and NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – September 26, 2016) – When it comes to getting value from data, there is nothing more important than speed and quality — speed delivers relevance; quality delivers accuracy. #RedPoint Global, a leading provider of data management and customer engagement technology, today announced findings from a new benchmark study conducted by information management leader MCG Global Services, which revealed leading performance from RedPoint Global’s Data Management™ application. The benchmark study not only established that RedPoint’s inherent distributed processing design significantly outperforms competing approaches, but also, according to the study’s authors, was far simpler to implement and operate. Findings showed that RedPoint Data Management (DM) exceeded previous benchmarks and client engagements in usability, maturity, data quality, and speed — completing the same workload 550 percent faster than #Spark and 1,900 percent faster than a #MapReduce -based Tez/Hive approach. Real-life scenarios were used to showcase how important the underlying #YARN -based architecture is in exploiting the vast computational power of #Hadoop. Organizations looking for the highest levels of compute performance, data quality, and ease of use will appreciate the cost effectiveness, scalability, and RedPoint’s overall lower total cost of ownership over other data management platforms for Hadoop. William McKnight, president of MCG Global Services and co-author of the independent survey, commented: “The RedPoint Data Management benchmark results were beyond what we thought possible — not only did RedPoint surpass previous benchmarks in several key areas, but the installation and setup of RedPoint Data Management Site and Execution Servers and Client tool also took less than 1.5 hours. RedPoint’s architecture foundation and finely tuned platform utilizing YARN offer a winning combination for success.” These results stem from RedPoint’s ability to leverage the Hadoop cluster for distributed processing via YARN with minimal overhead. As one of the first certified on Hadoop 2.0, which introduced YARN, RedPoint’s platform was designed as a parallel processing architecture. Starting with a high-performance data quality system, RedPoint does not require ‘interpreters’ like MapReduce or Spark to manage files in Hadoop but does so by using its native engine and, most uniquely, does not generate any code that must then be interpreted. This test proved that RedPoint users could not only load and organize data in Hadoop faster than other solutions, but also do so without needing additional technologies available in the Hadoop ecosystem. RedPoint is also known for delivering its robust technology in the cloud, on-premise, and via hybrid deployments, offering users easy access to flexible compute power. “RedPoint Data Management delivers an incomparable level of agility and performance more than 15 to 20 times faster than our previous tools,” said Steve Rao, CEO, Farm Market iD. “This is particularly important as we are quickly approaching one quadrillion data points. So obviously, a robust yet flexible solution like RedPoint’s is critical for us. The platform has helped us manage complex, high volumes of data with incredible precision all under one application umbrella, allowing us to develop and deliver customized insights in record time without needing another product, programming, or specialized experience.”

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