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The concept of the robotic assistant is almost as old as science fiction itself. And there’s been no shortage of tech firms trying to make it a reality — from promising startups founded by experts in robotics and artificial intelligence, to tech behemoths like LG and Samsung. But despite these efforts, robotic butlers that can do more than turn on the lights or provide weather updates feel as far away as ever. 

Amazon could be the next major tech company attempting to change this by bringing robots into the home, according to Bloomberg.

The company is reportedly working on a home robot, codenamed “Vesta,” that would essentially serve as a mobile version of Alexa that could follow you around the home. Prototypes of the device are said to be about waist high, and the robot would navigate its surroundings using computer vision. It’s unclear when Amazon would plan to announce or launch the robot, but Bloomberg reports that it was initially slated to be unveiled this year.

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