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It’s no secret that GPUs are inherently better than CPUs for complex parallel workloads. #IBM ‘s latest collaborative effort with #StoneRidge Technology and #Nvidia shined a light on the efficiency and performance gains for reservoir simulations used in oil and gas exploration. The oil and gas exploration industry operates on the cutting edge of computing due to the massive data sets and complex nature of simulations, so it is fairly common for companies to conduct technology demonstrations using the taxing workloads. The effort began with 30 IBM Power S822LC for HPC (Minsky) servers outfitted with 60 IBM POWER8 processors (two per server) and 120 Nvidia Tesla P100 GPUs (four per server). The servers employed Nvidia’s NVLink technology for both CPU-to-GPU and peer-to-peer GPU communication and utilized Infiniband EDR networking.,34239.html

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