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#IBM has rolled out its latest #Power8 processor. Operating on the #Linux system, the processor along with the new servers it has been launched with, are aimed at the #OpenPower community and as such, come integrated with open power features. In case you are unaware of it, the OpenPOWER Foundation was founded in 2013 as an open technical membership organization in order to bring innovations to how data centers function. The group consists of multiple tech companies and is basically provides companies with an alternative to the x86 group of servers. Member companies of the OpenPower foundation can customize their POWER CPU processors for optimization and innovation purposes. Members of the group can also get access to custom systems for large or warehouse scale data centers. The group is one of the largest users of the Open Power systems and as such, form an important part of IBM’s strategy. The company hopes to be able to handle workloads associated with artificial intelligence, analytics, and deep learning workloads. Meanwhile, IMB is including and categorizing them in the Power Systems LC family of Linux servers. The new servers come in different variants. One of them, S822LC is meant for high performance computing and comes with 20 different cores and up to 4 different #NVIDIA Pascal GPUs. The system also has Nvidia’s NVLink processor that allows for high-speed bidirectional interconnects. According to IBM, the combination allows for data transmission at speeds of up to five times anything the x86 processors are capable of.

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