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Entry-level and mid-market #KVM -hypervisor-based #ScaleComputing has upped its HCIA game with dual CPU systems and a tripled disk capacity product. Scale had three kinds of hyperconverged infrastructure appliances (HCIA): the entry-level HC1000, and mid-market HC2000 and HC4000 products. At the entry level it has added an upgraded all-flash HC1150DF to the existing all-disk HC1100, and hybrid flash-disk HC1150 and HC1150D systems. The storage-heavy HC1150DF features: 2 x Intel E5-2620v4 – 16-20 core 128-512GB of RAM 3.84-7.68TB of flash For the high-end, Scale has topped the HC4000 with an HC5000-class system, the HC5150D, a hybrid disk and flash product with three times the disk capacity of the HC1150 – 72TB instead of 24TB. It features: 2x Intel E5-2620v4 – 16-20 core 128-768GB RAM 36-72TB of NL SAS HDD 2.88-5.76TB of SSD Scale calls the HC5150D a “hybrid” flash system, which we find confusing as it implies a mixed set of flash stores rather than a mixed set of disk and flash storage – the normal meaning of hybrid storage (keep up at the back.) Scale co-founder and CEO Jeff Ready had a canned quote, er, ready: “The HC5150D and HC1150DF are new powerful options for running HC3 with greater storage capacity and speed while running a single appliance, adding resources to an existing HC3 cluster or adding a single appliance for backup/DR. Whether customers are storing large image files or an abundance of really small files, the HC5150D provides the capacity they need in a hyperconverged system.” There is a refreshed operating system, HyperCore v7.0, which adds dedupe for the new HC1150DF and HC5150D appliances, and enables the combination of HC1150DF appliances with HC5150D ones in single cluster

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