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Several years ago, company officials decided to shift from the hub-and-spoke model to a centralized data center and went looking for the technology they’d need to make the move.

The old infrastructure was based on @Dell ‘s #PowerEdge #VRTX converged offering, with integrated compute, storage, networking and management software configured to serve branch and remote offices. VRTX is a good product, but it couldn’t scale the way BluePearl needed, DePasture said.

Among the products IT officials investigated was @CiscoSystems ‘ Unified Compute System ( #UCS ) Mini converged infrastructure system. However, at about the same time, #Cisco announced #HyperFlex, the networking vendor’s addition to the quickly expanding hyperconverged infrastructure market that was announced in March in conjunction with software partner SpringPath.

HyperFlex comprises Cisco’s UCS servers and software-defined storage (SDS) technology created with SpringPath, a startup that Cisco has invested in. It also leverages Cisco’s Nexus switches to help create an integrated networking fabric and UCS Manager software.

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