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Surprise, surprise: #EMC is not top of the hyper-converged charts … yet. Forrester’s Hyper-converged Infrastructure ( #HCI ) Wave report for 2016’s third quarter looks at the top dozen HCI suppliers and rates them into four categories – leaders, strong performers, contenders and challengers. A square sectioned into four quarter-circle slices is used to graphically position the 12 suppliers. The report describes HCI like this: “The next wave of integrated systems, beyond the base level of converged hardware integration, is hyper-convergence, which installs a software-defined storage layer optimised for VM-aware operation on top of an integrated hardware and system software stack.” A #hyper-converged system should have: Integrated compute and storage resources Software-defined storage Automatic discovery and configuration Minimal management outside the hypervisor console Forestier’s analysts evaluated HCI suppliers against 28 criteria, which formed three categories; current offering, strategy, and market presence. Vendors had to have an available product, reference-able customers, an ability to demo the product, and an offering that has drawn significant interest from Forrester clients. This filtering produced a dozen suppliers from the total number out there.

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