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@Huawei has become the first mobile device manufacturer in the world to use an #AI -powered smartphone to drive a car. The #RoadReader project pushes the boundaries of Huawei’s object recognition technology and puts the learning capabilities, speed and performance of its AI-powered devices to the test. Unlike other driverless cars, which simply detect obstacles, Huawei has transformed a @Porsche #Panamera into a #driverlesscar that doesn’t just see, but crucially, understands its surroundings. This means that it can distinguish between 1000s of different objects including a cat and a dog, a ball or a bike and learn to take the most appropriate course of action. Huawei’s RoadReader project is taking advantage of the AI capabilities already in the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. The device uses AI to automatically recognise the objects like cats, dogs, food and other objects, to help people take pictures like a pro.

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