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In 2018, @Huawei will invest CNY5 billion ($800 million) in R&D for 5G, and launch a full range of commercial 5G equipment, including wireless access networks, bearer networks, core networks, and devices.  In addition, Huawei aims to increase the number of #NBIoT connections to over 100 million around the world. The technology giant will launch over 20 new products and showcase the results of its cooperation with over 300 partners at the upcoming MWC 2018.   Huawei recently held a pre-MWC 2018 briefing in London, during which the company called on all industries to work together and go beyond traditional boundaries in the areas of capabilities, connections, business, experience, and partnerships for a fully-connected, intelligent world.  The vendor forecast that by 2025, 180 ZB of data will be generated around the world every year, a 20-fold increase compared with today. “Such new data will become a huge ‘data oilfield’, serving as an inexhaustible source of intelligence and value.”  Ryan Ding, executive director of the Board and President of Huawei Carrier BG, said: “Before entering the intelligent world, we are still faced with many challenges. To achieve sustainable business growth, we need to keep moving beyond existing constraints and boundaries, first internally and then externally.” The briefing further focused on how carriers should innovate across areas like IoT, video, and cloud strategy to generate new sources of revenues. In 2017, over 100 carriers around the world made video their basic service, with this number expected to increase to 150 in 2018. During the MWC, under the theme of “ROADS to a Better Future”, Huawei will showcase its latest products and solutions and, together with partners, provide demonstrations in multiple scenarios.$800-million-in-r&d-for-5g-in-2018

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