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#Huawei’ s going to stitch together a global cloud based on its cut of #OpenStack. It will consist of a patchwork of Huawei-built clouds that the firm itself runs, and Huawei clouds that are run by telcos. The company announced its cloudy ambitions a couple of weeks ago when rotating CEO Eric Xu* told its annual analysts conference “We would like to build a Huawei public cloud family. This family will include public cloud(s) independently operated by Huawei, and public clouds developed with telcos, where we combine telco strengths with our own to tap into the public cloud market.” We’ve been asking the company what that means ever since, and after a bit of back-and-forth have established that Huawei’s plan starts with the creation of a cloud platform, after which the firm seeks partners to build clouds that run it. Huawei is already some way down the road with that part of the plan. On the software front it has built “ #FusionSphere”, a cut of OpenStack. It’s also created “FusionStage”, an enterprise platform-as-a-service product built on #Docker and #Kubernetes

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